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A Million Meters of Fun

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A Million Meters of Fun

Million Meter Day lights my fire—and not just my burning legs and lungs! I think Million Meter Day and the Sarasota 5000 are my two favorite events. Maybe because they’re right here on the Intercoastal—maybe because they’re just plain fun.  

Local youth rowing team Sarasota Scullers started Million Meter Day last year as a fundraiser. They invited the Masters team to join in. Over 40 of us accepted the 2015 challenge.

What happens is we are assigned a biking/rowing partner and spilt into two teams. One team rows while the other rides bikes. The teams meet in the middle and switch roles for the way back. The row is a 10k south from Blackburn Point along the Intercoastal, around Snake Island, and up the river to the Venice Train Depot. The bike ride zips down the Legacy Trail through Oscar Scherer State Park and on the bridge over Dona Bay. While waiting for your ride to arrive at the Venice Train Depot, there are ergs and snacks. The Scullers’ mission is to row 10k, erg 2k, and bicycle about 14k. I skipped the erging, despite Head Coach Randy Higel asking if I’d do just 1k.

I don’t know what it is about it, but this event is so much fun. The Scullers had to postpone MMD until Sunday, Jan. 26, due to horrible conditions on Saturday. It was the right decision. Sunday was just a sparkling, gorgeous day, perfect for a row in a 2x with fellow rower Todd Yeomans. As bow-woman, I am happy to report no near misses or collisions, just a smooth row on a sapphire-sky morning, perfect for my birthday!


Todd & Tamara Currey
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