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A Perfect Weekend of Racing at the Sarasota Invitational Regatta

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A Perfect Weekend of Racing at the Sarasota Invitational Regatta
Let me make a strong declaration: the 2017 Sarasota Invitational was the best ever. Besides being the largest event to date, the weather was perfect both days and everything ran smoothly. If there was a blip, the competitors didn’t see it. The SANCA team and Sarasota County Rowing did a fantastic job running the regatta.

The 8th annual SIR had just under 800 total entries for the two days of racing, with 74 clubs entered. I can’t believe how big the regatta has grown! Teams came from Pennsylvania, Idaho, and California to compete.

This year the middle school races moved to Friday evening. Making Friday all about our youngest rowers was an excellent idea. The referees didn’t have to worry about fitting them in between junior racing and could focus all their attention on letting this special subset of rowers have a safe and fun regatta experience. For some, Friday’s event was their first taste of racing.

Saturday, the juniors day, there was a one-hour fog delay but after that and for the rest of the weekend, conditions were ideal for racing. I love attending Saturday racing because of the spectators: the juniors bring their huge support network of family and friends to cheer them on to success. Regatta Island buzzes with excitement as each race approaches the finish line.

Despite dealing with a nasty case of the stomach flu, I competed in three events during Sunday’s Masters races. I had a great experience rowing in the Women’s Masters 4x, placing second, and the Mixed 2x, placing 3rd. I raced my single, finishing in 4th. Unfortunately, I missed this year’s Veteran’s racing event simply because it was too close to my other races. I look forward to representing the armed services in next year’s race.

Thank you to all the teams that made this year’s SIR a success! Without the support of the rowing community, regattas like this simply don’t happen. Block out your calendars for next year’s Sarasota Invitational Regatta, traditionally the last weekend in February 2018.

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