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Olympian spotted on the water

Sarasota rowing news, today, on the ICW, the rowing in a pair was sublime (surprised?) Ho-Hum, just another day rowing in paradise. Wildlife spotted: Roseatte Spoonbill pair taking flight over the visiting White Pelicans, with dolphin trio surfacing in the distance. Daily gush: Rowing alongside...

One of the Best Rowing coaches in Sarasota

Sarasota rowing today:

On the water at 6:15, yes it was dark (we did have bow+stern lights) the water was flat, and we heard a cheerful good morning by none other than Ted Nash one of the best rowing coaches in history, he has coached more than 50 Olympians, and we were humbled by his presence. Whatever you are...

Sarasota Invitational Update

Countdown…34 days to the Sarasota Invitational Regatta...

Countdown…34 days to the Sarasota Invitational Regatta, The excitement is building for one of the best Masters and Youth Regattas in the country, at the ever improving Nathan Benderson Lake. Ask yourself-why not, right?! Sarasota Masters, currently has a...

Sarasota Masters start the year off with a party

Well the 2012 Rowing season in Sarasota has gotton off to a fantástic start. Masters like to party and our first party of the year January 7th at Mary’s gorgeous Bay front home. Food, drink and awards for last year’s board, boat captains-as well as special recognition for members who go...
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