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Get Ready for the World Rowing Masters Regatta

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Get Ready for the World Rowing Masters Regatta
Rowers, block off September 27-30 in your calendars! Right on the heels of the World Rowing Championships, the World Rowing Masters Regatta is coming to Sarasota. This four-day event will draw an international presence of rowers to our picturesque Nathan Benderson Park.

If you thought the World Rowing Championships (WRCH) exciting--and it was--wait for the Masters event. Whereas the World Rowing event races the best athletes representing their country, the World Masters Rowing limits rowers only by age. This means countries like Germany or Great Britain could have hundreds of rowers representing their country for a World Championship title. The schedule will be jam-packed with even more event options than the WRCH.

More races plus more rowers makes the World Rowing Masters’ Regatta one of the largest rowing events hosted anywhere in the world during 2018.

If you’re looking ahead to coming, book your options now to get the best accommodations the Suncoast has to offer. Check out our resources on:
SANCA, the nonprofit in charge of operating the WRMC, also partners with HBC events to provide discounted accommodations perfect for large groups.

The World Rowing Masters Championships 2018 website will be our resource for renting boats, submitting entries, and event information as the date draws nearer.

Don’t delay: September 2018 will be here before you know it! We’ll be happy to provide anyone with more detailed information about where to go while you’re here, the rowing at Nathan Benderson Park, and guest rowing with other teams along the Suncoast. Feel free to contact us here.

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