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Olympian spotted on the water

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Sarasota rowing news, today, on the ICW, the rowing in a pair was sublime (surprised?) Ho-Hum, just another day rowing in paradise. Wildlife spotted: Roseatte Spoonbill pair taking flight over the visiting White Pelicans, with dolphin trio surfacing in the distance.

Daily gush: Rowing alongside Olympic/National Team member Jen Goldsak. She is training,  putting in 250 Kilometers a week (plus weights). So you could row roundtrip to Tampa, and still have 35 miles left over! I asked if that included a lean piece of chicken, she remarked a small chicken actually, in her super cute British accent. Jen stroked the 2x in the Beijing Olympics; the Sarasota rowing community wishes her well in the next 2012 Olympics.

Daily gripe: I can’t even imagine not being able to row here. There are other places to row, and then there is Sarasota rowing…..:)!

In other news: just 3 short weeks away is the Sarasota Invitational. The roster is filling up and entries are being added daily.


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