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Rowing with Coach Dragos

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Rowing with Coach Dragos
Sarasota County Rowing Club’s masters program is flourishing thanks to Coach Dragos Alexandru. A former Romanian national team rower, Coach Dragos has coached hundreds of Sarasota youth, and now our masters program, to achieve their personal sport goals. He was most famously spotted at the World Rowing Championships last September chasing the Romanian boats on bicycle hoisting their national colors.

I recently had the opportunity to race with Coach Dragos in the mixed 2x at the 2018 Sarasota Invitational. What a dream! When we pulled into the stake boat holders they commented that they had never seen anybody execute a lock-on quite like that. In other words, perfection!

Of course I was nervous to row with an elite masters athlete, but Dragos made it easy. We took a five-and-ten to start, then kept a strong 28 stroke rating. I kept my head in the boat at all times and didn't even look around until I felt the big clap between my shoulder blades that we had won!

Coach Dragos understands the value of solid technique to send the boat. In his lessons, we really emphasize sitting up tall, keeping the shoulders down, and gliding together. I’ve learned more about how to efficiently move my boat since he came onboard as our masters rowing coach. As he might say, “Do me a favor, and slow slide!”

SCRC members have coaching included in their membership. Coach Dragos runs five sessions a week during morning hours targeting all rowing levels, from novice to advanced. Given our early spring regatta performances at the Sarasota Invitational and OARS Masters, I’d say it’s worth it!

SCRC offers three different membership categories. Even monthly members can take advantage of coached rowing sessions. Learn to Row sessions are held throughout the year starting at $250. A calendar with the next sessions can be found on SCRC’s website.

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