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Sarasota Masters start the year off with a party

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Well the 2012 Rowing season in Sarasota has gotton off to a fantástic start. Masters like to party and our first party of the year January 7th at Mary’s gorgeous Bay front home. Food, drink and awards for last year’s board, boat captains-as well as special recognition for members who go above and beyond for the sport we all LOVE!

The Rowing on Saturday was fantástic this morning, flat watér, the most amazing dolphin displays ever-múltiple pods demonstrating their jumping skills. Nothing is better than Rowing next to a dolphin and getting misted by the exhale of their blow hole. I am not making this up! I have proof from 2 1xs, a 4+, and an 8+. Honestly, is there a better way to start the Day!? Pinch me I must be dreaming :)

Todd & Tamara Currey
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    Tamara Currey


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