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Sarasota Rowing Teams Surge to Wins in Daytona

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Sarasota Rowing Teams Surge to Wins in Daytona

Rowers descend on Daytona Beach for the annual Halifax Regatta every last weekend in July. Sarasota County Rowing and Sarasota Crew sent Master’s rowing teams last weekend for the event and had a blast.

Personally, I raced in the Women’s 1x, Women’s 2x, and Mixed 4x. My single race was good and helped by the calm morning waters to a first-place finish. Later in the day, boat traffic picked up on the intercoastal waterway and presented some real challenges. Nonetheless, my doubles partner and I persevered to a silver medal finish.

SCRC at Halifax 2018The most memorable race was my Mixed 4x. One of our team’s male rowers injured himself shortly before his Mixed 8+ event. The team pulled a guy from our boat and swapped him with one of our novice women.

The race was the shocker of the day! We’d never rowed together before, and the novice rower started less than a year ago. Three girls and one guy crushed the field. The women were super excited about the win. It’s a testament to all their water time and great coaching.

In Florida, we have a point series that runs all year. Masters rowers and crews earn points based on how they finish in various regattas around the state. Awards go to the most points accumulated by men and women single rowers and the 8+’s, as well as the team all-points trophy. Halifax is the last regatta of the year and awards the All-Point trophy.

This year, Sarasota Crew accumulated the most team points and won the All-Points trophy. Congratulations Crew Masters! Sarasota County was second in the team standings and Jacksonville third.

Wins by Sarasota teams racing at Halifax include:

  • Men’s Open 2-: Sarasota Crew
  • Women’s 2-: Sarasota Crew
  • Men’s Novice 1x: Sarasota Crew
  • Women’s Veteran 1x: Sarasota County
  • Women’s 8+: Sarasota Crew
  • Women’s 1x: Sarasota County
  • Men’s Open 4x: Sarasota Crew
  • Women’s 4+: Sarasota Crew
  • Women’s 2x: Sarasota Crew
  • Women’s Open 2x: Sarasota Crew
  • Men’s 2x: Sarasota County
  • Women’s 4x: Sarasota County
  • Women’s Novice 4x: Sarasota County
  • Men’s Open 2x: Sarasota Crew
  • Mixed 8+: Sarasota County
  • Mixed 4x: Sarasota County
  • Mixed Open 4x: Sarasota Crew

SCRC Halifax 2018 medals

Todd & Tamara Currey
  • Tamara Currey

    Tamara Currey


    Licensed in Florida


  • Todd Currey



    CPA, GRI
    Licensed in Florida