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Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or accomplished rower/sculler
Sarasota is the perfect rowing community


    Nathan Benderson Park is the crown jewel of Sarasota’s rowing community. The World Class 2000-meter course attracts international water sport events for paddle board, kayaking, dragon boating, and rowing. For the first time in over 25 years, the World Rowing Championships will return to the United States, hosted right here in 2017. And the venue hosts local events, from the nationally recognized Sarasota Invitational Regatta, to 5k runs, triathlons, and intramural races.

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    Sarasota County Rowing Club

    Masters and youth rowing have options for everyone. Sarasota County Rowing Club is 120 members strong, all of them Masters. Having minimal dues, both recreational and competitive members row from the recently renovated Blackburn Point Road site, enjoying direct access to the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). Whether you are in a single, double, quad, or join in an 8+, rowers can have a fine work out.

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    Sarasota Scullers

    Sarasota Scullers Youth Rowing Program rows from Blackburn Point Road as well. As the team that started Sarasota's rowing craze way back in 1991, and with many championships tucked under their spandex, they have become a force to reckon with.

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    Sarasota Crew

    Sarasota Crew, a phenomenal Youth Program, is just across the bay at the Spanish Point facility. Gorgeous and shaded by 100+ year old live oaks, Sarasota Crew is producing fine athletes competing at the highest levels boasting, trophies and awards with multiple state and national championships. There is a rowing program for Master rowers, too.

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